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How Your Body Corporate Can Prepare For A Storm

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A body corporate is a group of owners that all own a piece of shared land and, therefore, are obligated to maintain the public space on that property. The owners can decide common rules that should be followed on the property, making it easier for all of the owners and tenants to get along. One of the subject matters that a body corporate should have procedures and rules for is the weather. Different types of weather can affect a piece of land and buildings significantly. A storm is the type of weather with the largest risk of causing significant damage to your property. You need to make sure your body corporate are prepared to tackle this type of weather. Building maintenance When there’s a risk of a storm coming, a part of your body corporate services for your tenants should be to clean out gutters and remove debris from roofs that can become a danger to people living on the property. Overflowing gutters can cause problems, not just for the buildings, but also be a danger to people on the property if large tree branches or rocks where to blow off the roofs. Shared property When securing the property, you should also mind all things that are in danger of being affected by the wind. Rubbish bins, benches, and grills are all things that can become truly dangerous if caught by the wind. For this reason, you should also encourage your tenants to take all of their outdoor items inside. All items that are not firmly attached to other structures can become dangerous if they were flying through the air. You should also consider lopping any trees on the property that have large or long branches that might break if exposed to exceptionally hard winds. Try at least to tie tree branches down to the stem to avoid them being caught by the wind. Insurance Have an extra look at your body corporate’s insurance. Make sure that coverage for damage caused by the storm is present in the insurance. If it’s not, you should bring this to attention immediately. You can also call to a meeting to evaluate if your current insurance is appropriate for the coming storm season. There might be things that can be improved or things that previous storms have proved to be redundant. This will save your body corporate some money. You should also have a look at your personal insurance. Your personal belongings are not covered by any insurance that your body corporate might...

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3 Strategies To Fortify Your Front Door For Enhanced Protection

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With nearly 214,222 burglaries reported in 2012 by the Australian Institute of Criminology, it’s no wonder that homeowners are focussing on better security measures to fortify their homes. Apart from entering through an unlocked front door, burglars have mastered the art of picking several locks. The trick is to use a couple of different tactics to bolster your front entry’s security with the help of your locksmith. Petty burglaries and thefts can be terrorising for your family, so make sure you follow these strategies to reinforce the security of your front door for enhanced protection. Replace The Strike Plate Of Your Deadbolt Lock With A Stronger Plate The strike plate on your deadbolt lock is a piece of metal that connects the deadbolt lock securely to the doorframe. In most instances, this strike plate can hold a door shut, but it is not strong to stop the door from opening because of a forced entry. You should ideally replace your existing deadbolt strike plate with a stronger strike plate. A sturdy strike plate usually comes with long screws and full metal enclosures for improved locking. This will enhance the ability of your front door to resist the onslaught of full-force pushes and kicks from burglars. Get your locksmith to install stronger strike plates to fortify your front door’s resilience. Secure Exposed External Door Hinges If your front door swings outward when opened, then chances are your hinges are exposed externally. Any attentive burglar will notice this weakness and may choose to tamper with the door’s hinges to break into your home more easily. Luckily, you can use certain methods to fortify this vulnerable area on your front door. You can re-install your front door to ensure that the hinges are inside the home. Alternatively, you can use a setscrew to fasten the hinge in place more securely. Make sure that this setscrew is ground down into your doorframe properly by the locksmith to ensure that burglars cannot take it out. You can also keep your hinges secure using safety studs. These safety studs are also meant to fasten the hinges securely against your doorframe. Safety studs will ensure that the door cannot be removed even if the hinge pin is taken off. Install A Security Camera Above Your Front Door Burglars are less likely to break into homes with security cameras for fear of getting caught, making this installation a good choice for fortifying the security of your home. Depending on your specific desires, you can choose basic security cameras or you can install cameras with additional features like motion sensors and night vision to deter any burglars from your home. You will need to hire a specialised locksmith for installing security cameras above your front door. Work closely with your locksmith and use these measures to protect your family and your home from unwarranted...

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Property Management | 3 Tips for Long-Distance Landlords

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Instead of selling a home after moving to another city or country, some homeowners prefer to transform homes into rentals. While collecting monthly rent is a great way to earn a supplementary income, managing rental homes from afar can be highly challenging. While choosing a good property management company is vital to becoming a good long-distance landlord, these nifty tricks will help you handle your rental as smartly as possible. Choose Clients with Clean Background Checks The last thing you want as an out-of-town landlord is a trouble-causing tenant with a criminal history or poor tenancy record. Since you’re not close enough to get to your property quickly, it’s vital that you choose tenants that come up clean on all background and employment checks. Make sure you or your property manager screens tenants thoroughly before letting them into your home. Talk to your property management company about their tenant screening systems to ensure they follow foolproof processes. Make Sure Your Lease Terms Are Strict and Clear As an out-of-town landlord, it’s easy to leave room for ambiguity in tenancy agreements, but this can give rise to a tremendous amount of problems later. For example, unclear information about tenant and landlord cleaning responsibilities can cause you unwarranted grief, so you’ll want to be crystal clear about the responsibility to be shared between you and your tenant. You’ll also want to enforce certain rules for your property. It’s always ideal to be as clear as possible with lease terms to make sure your tenants are aware of what is and what isn’t acceptable in your home. For example, you can set up a no-tolerance policy for smoking or pets in your apartment to minimise the risk of damage to your property. Discuss your concerns with your property management company so they can help you set up a tenancy agreement that meets your specific needs. Organise Regular Inspections As a long-distance landlord, you’re probably in no position to undertake a home inspection on your own. Your property management company can organise regular inspections on your behalf to ensure that your tenant is maintaining the good condition of your home. Make sure the property management company documents details of every room. You can lay down the conditions of these regular inspections in the rental agreement and make sure the tenant agrees to it before signing on the dotted line. If you live far away from your rental home, a good property management company will ease your burden by undertaking every element related to your tenancy requirements. Contact a service like Calibre Real Estate for more...

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Real Estate | 4 Considerations For Buying A Wheelchair Accessible Home

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Buying a real estate property is daunting for any potential homebuyer, but it can be a little more complicated when you need to add wheelchair accessibility to your bucket list since many homes aren’t built for them. If you’re in the market to buy a wheelchair accessible real estate property for you or a family member, rely on these considerations for making a good decision. Ramps For The Front And Backyard Naturally, if the home is on a slight height, you’ll want to ensure that ramps flow from the home to the front and back yard. This ensures that a wheelchair-bound person can move freely outside the home without having to deal with steps. If the home doesn’t readily come available with ramps, you’ll want to ensure that there is enough scope to build them, so your family member doesn’t feel bound to the house. Make Sure You Look At Single-Level Properties For a wheelchair-bound person, it’s certainly easier to move from one room to the next when they are all on the same level. Having a multi-storey real estate property may look great on paper, but it can be incredibly difficult for people in wheelchairs to navigate through, especially when staircases are involved. Apart from ensuring the home is on a single level, you’ll also want the doors to be wide enough to accommodate wheelchairs, so be sure to look for homes with widened doors. Choose Resilient Flooring Wheelchairs moving through the home can add stress to floors, so you’ll want to choose tiles that can withstand the constant movement on wheelchairs without damage. Floor tiles for wheelchairs need to be smooth, slip resistant and resilient to prevent breaking. Ideal flooring choices for wheelchair accessible homes include ceramic tiles, hardwood floors, luxury vinyl tiles, commercial-grade laminate and porcelain tiles. You’ll want to avoid carpeted floors because they can be difficult to navigate through for the person in the wheelchair. Opportunity for Modification Not every home is going to be wheelchair accessible, but they must be versatile enough to accommodate for modifications to certain items in the home. For example, lowered shelves, benchtops, vanities and wardrobe items will make it easier for the person in the wheelchair. Similarly, you may want to build a wheelchair accessible bathroom, so the existing bathroom space should be large enough to accommodate the needs of wheelchair-bound people. You should also be able to install minor ramps inside the home to ensure a smooth flow between rooms of different heights. If you need to buy a wheelchair accessible real estate property, keep these considerations in mind, and work with an experienced real estate company like McGrath Real Estate Group. They can help you narrow down your choices to homes that will meet the needs of you or your family...

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How to clean grout inside the office

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Cleaning your office yourself can be a nice experience and leave a sense of fulfilment afterwards, while also being economically efficient; however, there are some areas where you should hire a commercial cleaner to clean your office. Anything regarding water damage or mould is managed better by the professionals, as it can also be dangerous for your health. If you have tiles somewhere in your workspace, however, there might be a mould related issue you can handle on your own. Grout cleaning is important to keep the tiles as neat as possible and also to avoid build-up of mildew and mould. Choosing cleaning product The first thing you should consider is what type of cleaning product you want to use. Bleach is commonly used for this type of cleaning. It might, however, not only remove stains, but could also remove colour from the tiles. Bleach also produces fumes that might be dangerous to your health if you breathe them in. A friendlier option might be hydrogen peroxide that you mix with water. This type of product can also be effective as a preventive product, meaning that you can spray peroxide on the grout to prevent mould and mildew from forming to begin with. If you purchase a product that requires that you let it sit for a while, you should also make sure you buy a little more than you think you actually need, as you might have to reapply it if it dries out before it has been sitting or the required amount of time. Preferred tools Use a hard bristled brush to clean out between the tiles. You can use an old tooth brush for this. If you have a steam cleaning device available, these types of machines are also excellent for cleaning grouts. The machine makes it easier to reach the dirt and blast it off, also without the use of products. If the cleaner you’re using doesn’t have a chemical application unit, you should still use a bleaching product for a while before steaming the area. After this, you only need to mop up any leftover cleaning products and dirt. Cleaning company Removing grout isn’t very complicated, but you might benefit from hiring a commercial office cleaning company for your grout office cleaning needs. A professional cleaner would have the appropriate cleaning product to begin with, with different options to ensure the workspace was affected as little as possible by the choice of cleaning product. They would also be in possession of or have an easy time getting a steam cleaning device. The cost for hiring this machine alone might not look so different as the cost for hiring a commercial cleaning service for when there is water damage or mould somewhere in your...

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The most effective industrial cleaning options

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Industrial cleaning is a tough job due to the cost implications, chemicals used, and other complexities associated with access and safety. To guarantee cost-effectiveness, environmental friendliness, safety and cleanliness, choosing the best solution is critical. There are many cleaning solutions available to the industrial clientele. However, the most effective based on cost, effectiveness and safety are: High-pressure water jetting. Using a high-pressure water jet, this solution is one of the most popular in an industrial setting. One advantage of the use of pressurized water is the low cost based on cheap cleaning agent. However, these costs can escalate in complex industrial set-ups that employ pressure sensitive piping and expensive sensor-based equipment. High-pressure water jetting is widely preferred due to its small environmental footprint, ease of use and the fast recovery time between closure of the installation for cleaning and resumption of operations. High-pressure water jetting is common in industrial scenarios depicting tanks, process pipes, fan assemblies, paving, concrete surfaces and heat exchangers. Chemical cleaning. Using special chemical cleaning agents that act on waste material and other impurities without affecting the industrial equipment, this is one of the most effective industrial cleaning solutions. Although chemical cleaning is also expensive and sometimes time consuming, the effectiveness of this cleaning solution make it a favourite in complex chemical and metalwork industries that need specialized cleaning solutions. However, the main disadvantage of chemical cleaning is a negative impact on the environment. Some of the chemical agents used in this cleaning solution have catastrophic impacts on the environment especially if they leak or spill. Chemical cleaning is common in boilers and turbine scenarios, heat exchangers, condensers, desalination units, compressors and process lines. Vacuum loading. Using either positive displacement or liquid ring vacuum systems, this industrial cleaning solution offers one of the best options of getting rid of dust, debris and liquids from confined spaces. Although this cleaning solution works best in confined spaces, it has the smallest environmental footprint, making it the most environmentally-friendly. Therefore, vacuum loading works well in sensitive industrial applications such as cleaning water ponds, lagoons and pits or tanks housing fragile material that are prone to contamination.  Robotic cleaning. Although this industrial cleaning option is an advanced form of manual cleaning that employs brushes and scrubbers, the reduced need for manned entry makes it suitable for many industrial scenarios. Some industries incorporate corrosive and poisonous chemicals in their processes making remotely operated and semi-autonomous cleaning platforms useful. Other industrial cleaning scenarios require sterile operating environments that human and chemical cleaners cannot guarantee. Although robotic cleaning is expensive, it is the most effective option for cleaning nuclear reactors, centrifuges, sophisticated electronic laboratories and specialized military applications. Contact a company like Delron Carpet Cleaning Service for more information on industrial cleaning...

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The Not So Great Outdoors: Why You Need A Pre Purchase Inspection Of Your Garden

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Buying a new home can be cause for both joy and alarm. You’ll have a home of your own in which you and your family can build a life. It’s also somewhat unsettling when you think of just how much it will cost, and how long you’ll be paying for it. Given the expense, you’re not going to buy the home until you’re sure that you’re getting exactly what you paid for with no hidden problems. A pre purchase inspection is vital to ensure that the home does not have any issues that would require costly repair in the foreseeable future. These inspections are generally carried out by experienced individuals who have architectural training, and who can identify any structural defects that might not be immediately obvious. Should any part of the home be found to not be up to an acceptable standard, any required repairs can be carried out as a condition of purchase. It’s important to look beyond the home itself, and to pay careful attention to the garden. You can carry out many aspects of this outdoor inspection yourself, but what are some of the things you should be looking for? Poisonous Trees and Plants Poisonous trees and plants are more common in Australia than you might think. Familiarise yourself with some of the widespread toxic plants, and check for them in your new garden. They can be particularly dangerous if you have young children or pets. Small toxic plants can be easily removed, but you can request that larger shrubs and trees are removed prior to moving in. As this does not affect the integrity of the home, you might need to pay for any necessary removal yourself, although this can be negotiated. Trees with Deep Roots Many trees are planted due to their ornamental effect, with little thought for the future. Learn to identify trees that are known to have deep probing root systems, as these can cause problems. Look for trees that are planted close to the home, above any pipes or septic tanks, or that are close to a swimming pool (as the roots might breach the pool beneath the waterline). Should you have any concerns, request that these trees are removed.   Wooden Fences Get up and close to any wooden fences on the property. Look for wood that is cracked or rotten. It might need to be replaced, and then weather treated. Also check that the fence is still standing up straight, as a slumping fence could indicate that underground stumps have rotted. Pool Fencing Not all homes have pool fencing that is up to code. This code can vary depending on which state or territory your new home is located in. As the new owner, you will be liable if the pool fencing is deemed to be inadequate, meaning this is something that needs to be identified and remedied prior to purchase. So while the house itself should be examined by a professional, such as Safe House Property Consultants, you certainly can (and should) make sure that the garden is up to...

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3 Uses for Teak Wood in Your New Homes Spa Bathroom Plans

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Teak wood is known for being strong and durable. It is also known for low maintenance and its ability to avoid water damage issues naturally. This makes it ideal for something like a spa bathroom in a new home. If you have been thinking about discussing a spa bathroom with your new home builders and contractors, here are a few uses for teak wood that you should consider discussing. Shower Floor Drainage You may want to stay away from stainless steel or any kind of exposed hard metal in your spa bathroom. In fact, some people may want to avoid using any sort of metal, especially in drainage areas since the look may throw off the meditative and serene look of the room design. If this is an issue you face, then consider using teak wood in place of your bathroom shower drain or sink drains. You won’t have to seal the wood and as it dries, the natural oils can help defend against mould and other issues. Bath Seating Most spa bath designs have some form of bath seating. This is usually a stool located just outside of the shower or bath or just inside to give seating during the shower. You may have been looking for a bath seating option only to find plastic or metal as the option. This can throw off your entire design, which is why teak may be an ideal option. Not only will it flow well with the meditative design, it will also give you a comfortable seating option that will hold up to the humidity found in most bathrooms. Open Shelving and Storage One of the tricks to creating a spa bathroom is creating a flowing design that gives you the impression of the spa experience. This means using low lighting like candles, sleek lines and natural materials. This can be difficult when you are trying to create shelving options since most have metal hardware that is visible. If you choose teak to make open shelving, then you get an option that can hold up to the temperature changes in the bathroom and that will allow for a softer design. These are just three of the uses for teak wood in your new home’s spa bathroom plans. You can choose to buy the teak wood ready made for these purposes, or you can have it made for your unique design by your new home builders and...

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Observe the Following when Renting Serviced Apartments

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Serviced apartments have become more popular across the globe due to their freedom and ease of stay as compared to hotels. You would argue that over a week or more, staying in serviced apartments would be cheaper than staying in a hotel. Serviced apartments eliminate the costs of housekeeping and restaurant or mini bar charges in hotels. They still have these services but it is usually your choice. Serviced apartments are also more relaxed and actually accord you a great deal of privacy. When renting a serviced apartment, one should observe the following to eliminate chances of disappointment: Know the person you deal with Nowadays, serviced apartments can be rented online at the click of a button or even via travel agencies. It is important to research whom you communicate with and their reliability. If communicating with the owner, research them as well. Knowing who you communicate with over the serviced apartments will limit your chances of being scammed into a bad deal and even make your stay at the apartments more comfortable. Ask for recent photos, videos or even details of the exact apartment Most serviced apartments advertise using beautifully generated pictures of rooms that may not even exist within the building. Ask your intended landlord for recent real photos of the rooms and other details you can ask for. You want to ascertain that the furnished apartments you are paying for look exactly or quite close to the advertisements that enticed you. Confirm additional fees Most people get ambushed by additional fees when they are leaving the apartment and ultimately get disappointed. Some apartments charge you cleaning fees when vacating or departure fees. Ask your landlord or agent about all fees applicable. You should get to a clear agreement with your agent or landlord before you decide to pay for the apartment. This applies even more to people who rent serviced apartments online. Pay with a secure means Most serviced apartments have online portals that offer payment options. Unfortunately, such places are the hiding areas for online scammers and thieves. Be careful of threats such as phishing. Phishing is a popular online scam whereby a hacker creates a copy of a website similar to what you want. Once you log into the payment option, this fake website then steals the details that you key in. with your credit card information, the scammer can easily steal directly from your account. When paying for serviced apartments, use bank transfers or other less risky payment options. Contact a company such as Adelaide Dresscircle Apartments to learn...

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5 Ways to Exercise Due Diligence When Buying a Businesses

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When buying an existing business, typically more research is required than some of the checks and balances than you would undertake before buying a home or car. Its no doubt daunting, but to ensure the living, breathing business that you are considering purchasing is exactly how it has been represented, its essential that all buyers – or someone on their behalf – undertake investigations to verify the health of the business. Based on these checks, known as ‘due diligence’, the buyer can reduce the risk involved in buying.  Based on what the investigations find, the buyer has three options: asking for certain conditions to be met before buying, walking away from the sale, or negotiating a better price. Depending on the size and complexity of the businesses, the level of investigation and assessment required for the below factors will vary. Checking the Business’s Financial Health Don’t take the owner’s information about the business’s cash flow at their word—financial health checks are arguably the most important areas buyers should investigate. As well as checking tax records, financial statements, and profit and loss statements for at least the last three years, prospective buyers should see if bills are being paid on time, and how much money is owed to the business, as this is debt that the new owners will be inheriting. Be sure profit statements are real rather than projected profits, and verify that profit takes into account things like owner’s wages and depreciation expenses for business assets. When it comes to financial records and paperwork, all sellers should provide this information cooperatively, otherwise it can be a warning sign to walk away.  Buyers may wish to undertake the services of an accountant or business broker in order to assess these financial records thoroughly. Lease Details Some businesses may have insecure leases, a lease that is about to expire, or a demolition clause that could jeopardise the future operation of the business. To have peace of mind about future security and operation of the business at the same location, leases should be clear and transparent, with ideally at least 2 years before the lease is due for renewal. Commercial real estate agents, like those at PRDnationwide, may be able to help offer further information on working with lease agreements. Assessing Staff and Employee Entitlements Outstanding entitlements to staff or the number of staff on the books should be assessed before purchase, as existing staff will often be inherited with the business. Be wary of businesses that depend on one key person with certain skills, knowledge or relationships with clients, as this can increase risk should that person leave the business. Condition of Business Assets All prospective business owners should assess key pieces of equipment that are essential to the smooth operation of the business. For example, if the business is a restaurant or café, and refrigeration or commercial kitchen equipment is nearing the end of its useful life, this may be able to be negotiated for replacement before purchase. At the very least, always ensure all equipment is operational before settlement. Assess the Business Landscape Finally, one of the most important areas to assess before buying a business is the projected future success of that business. Be careful of buying a business based on future potential rather than the existing growth...

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